2011-hyundai-sonata-hybrid-production p3-4

Korean carmaker Hyundai recently showcased the upcoming Hyundai Sonata Hybrid to the press to pump up some adrenaline prior to its roll out to dealers in the United States by late November or December this year. The sticker price of the ...Read More

Korean carmaker Hyundai is set to impress everyone at the Geneva Motor Show kicking off next month as they decide to release a rendered image of their concept car the i-Flow. The i-Flow is a clear indicator that Hyundai is ...Read More

Hyundai Blue Plug-in Hybrid

The Korean car manufacturer, Hyundai, may not have a plug-in hybrid car in its garage right now but it is set to release its first by 2012. The car will be derived from the DNA of Hyundai’s Blue Wil concept ...Read More

green car fuel

It is a known fact that the reserve of natural fuel of the world is diminishing at a fats pace and the days are not far ahead when there shall not remain a single drop of fuel that one can ...Read More