p3 Hyundai Genesis

According to car market analysts, the recently launched Genesis sedan by Korean automaker Hyundai Motors Company could pass up as a semi-luxury car. However, when it comes to actual buyers, especially those who are recession-conscious, the Hyundai Genesis sedan ...Read More

p3 Hyundai Veloster

Korean car manufacturer Hyundai will be rolling out the 2012 Hyundai Veloster in the United States this year. This car's architecture is pretty interesting with one long door on the driver sides and two shorter entries on the other ...Read More

2011-hyundai-sonata-hybrid-production p3-4

Korean carmaker Hyundai recently showcased the upcoming Hyundai Sonata Hybrid to the press to pump up some adrenaline prior to its roll out to dealers in the United States by late November or December this year. The sticker price of the ...Read More